PlannerFw Features

Separating dynamic data from web presentation since the web server, web server doesn't output dynamic data and web presentation together in a same HTTP/HTTPS response.

Web server outputs dynamic data in either JSON or XML, and data properties are defined by Self Description JSON Schema.

Clients use template-path to request template and modeldata (dynamic data) from web server for page mount and page update.

Being universal view templates and CSS processes for all type websevers, and an alternative to the view of MVC-structure websites.

Using JavaScript as template language, compiling template into JavaScript object, and compiling PFCSS into CSS.

Page(Entirety)-Section template structure and template automatic compilation.

Applying resource access controls to private template and related modeldata access in production environment.

web server doesn't involve any creations of the web presentation in production environment.

Web presentation follows same-origin policy in the client, crossing domain template and modeldata access only via the web server.

Simplify website development and maintenance, improve web server performance, enhances website security.

Customer Testimonials

❝We have been building well structured websites with PlannerFw's features and advantages.❞
➖ Web Solution Architect
❝PlannerFw helps us create universal web presentations for dynamic data from different web servers.❞
➖ Web Manager
❝We have seen the tremendous performance improvement to our large-scale, high-traffic websites.❞
➖ Website Reliability Engineer